Who: ONE HUNDRED of the best and brightest young professionals from all fields of Jewish Education will be invited to come to NewCAJE2. Ages 2342.


·   We are looking for thoughtful teachers and future leaders of Jewish education across geographical, demographical and denominational lines.


·   Our definition of teacher is anyone involved in the transmission of Jewish education and culture: classroom teachers, principals, rabbis, cantors, artists, writers, musicians, storytellers, communal service professionals, layleaders, bloggers, website developers, webinaristas, parents.


What: NewCAJE offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to play a significant role in the 2011 conference as participants and presenters. NewCAJE aims to inspire, nurture and support new ideas, passions and interests that a new generation of leadership brings to the community of Jewish education. Additionally, a special one‐day post conference retreat will be held to build a community of Jewish educators and begin to reimagine and set the agenda for Jewish education in the 21st century.


Where: American Hebrew Academy, Greensboro NC.

How to Apply: 

There are two ways to become a NewCAJE Young Professional:




Become a YP Fellow: (Submit Materials by May 31st)

  • Write (as soon as possible) to mail@newcaje.org telling us why you should be a YP fellow and how much subsidy you would need to attend.  (YP fellows can receive up to half off the cost of the conference and the full cost of transportation).
  • Propose one or two sessions that you are prepared to teach at NewCAJE.  Session proposals are submitted at https://www.newcaje.com/session.php
  • Send us a 500-1500 word essay on your views of New Jewish Educational Models.

Guide Questions: Are you currently trying out a new model of JE? What is your dream of what JE will look like in the future?  Do you support improving the old models rather than recreating new ones? What do you feel must be included in Jewish education for almost every child and why? What is quintessentially Jewish about JE that should be preserved in any model we choose? What’s right about Jewish education today? Are you one of those people who feel that the models we use today are fine, but that something else is wrong with what we are doing? (for example, recruitment  and retention of qualified personnel etc.) This article may be published in our online journal—Jewish Educator. Send your essay to mail@newcaje.org

  • Attend the NewCAJE conference July31-August 3rd and the YP Post conference August 3-4th (Mandatory).
  • Pay upon acceptance. Full refund (minus $50 registration) if you are not accepted, and you will be able to register as a community member at the early bird price.



Become a YP Community Member: (Register any time)

  • Automatically get $100 off the cost of the conference.
  • Have the chance to participate in all Young Professional lunches, networking events, and programs during the conference.
  • Attend the post-conference. Your post-conference day will be paid in full including food, dorm housing, and a scheduled shuttle to the airport. (This is a mandatory day for all YP’s (August 3-4 at 1pm.)
  • While you are not obligated to teach a session at NewCAJE or write an article for our online journal, you are welcome to submit an article or apply to teach a session.
  • Will be included in the Young Professional network after the conference.
  • You can register for this option at https://www.newcaje.com/ypreg.php




Deadlines for application:


  • Deadline for Fellows is May 31st ! You’ll hear from us by July 10th if you’ve been accepted and what funding we are able to offer, as well as a link to register. Demand is high, so submit these materials as early as possible.


So join us this summer at NewCAJE! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions by email at mail@newcaje.org .  If you know of anyone who you think would be perfect for this opportunity please pass this message on or send us their name and contact information.


Session Proposals

How do I write a session proposal? Click here for instructions.

Giving a workshop at NewCAJE:


You can teach a session that is:

  • 1 1/2 hours
  • 3 hours


Choose a time-frame that best fits your topic.

  • The 1 1/2 hour sessions are used to tell about a program on an idea you have implemented Or a text you want to teach
  • The 3 hour sessions are best when you want to involve the group in a discussion OR teach them a skill or technique


The above are just examples, but mostly you should think about YOUR material and how long it will take you to teach it without being rushed.


Write a Title:

  • Titles should be catchy. They are the advertisement that get people in the door.
  • Titles should be accurate. You want the people in the door to learn what you are teaching.


Write a description:

  • Descriptions should be about 5 sentences long. Begin with a summary of what you are going to teach.
  • Say whom the session is geared toward.
  • Write a couple of sentences describing what you will teach in some detail.
  • IF you have hand-outs, say what they are.
  • Say what you home people will learn from taking your course


Here is a joke example of a title and description:


Bowling for Bagels: Rewarding accuracy in the Lines and Lanes with Good Jewish Food


In this workshop I will show you how to reward your students every time they get a strike and sing a Tefillah successfully. This session is for teachers of students 12 and older and youth group leaders. With access to a bowling alley and a bakery you can motivate your students to learn their prayers. A correct answer give a chance to bowl a strike for a bagel, two strikes gets a schmear, and three adds lox! I will teach you how to make your students masters of prayer, bowling and Jewish food.


Now for some serious examples:


How Does My School Measure Up? Looking at Self-Evaluation and Accreditation


This session is intended for administrators who have been at their schools at least three years, and are interested in engaging in a systematic self-evaluation process using materials developed by national Jewish educational organizations. Sample questions will be shared and your questions will be answered about the how, why and when of these accreditation programs.


History on the Plate: Our Story in the Pot


Jewish food tells many stories. What we eat is a memory, home family, celebration, survival, history, culture, genealogy and Torah. In this session we will consider two texts, stories and lore behind the Jewish foods we love. We will talk about ways to make Jewish cooking classes and hagim meaningful, education and delicious. You will go home with recipes, lesson plans, and strategies to help you students learn food.


From Soup to Nuts: A Workshop for the Novice Educator


The world of Jewish education is vast and navigating through it can be challenging. We are a diversified team of Jewish educators from Florida who will conduct a comprehensive session that with touch on a variety of subject areas. Learn about where to go for assistance, how to obtain new ideas, and who are you best advocates. You will receive a packed to goodies including sample contracts, behavior and classroom management ideas, websites, sample letters, forms, and other helpful materials.


Session Mentors:

  • If you still want to speak with someone to help design a workshop, call the NewCAJE office and we will get you a module advisor to help you.



The NewCAJE Program Content


NewCAJE is pleased to invite Jewish educators to submit no more than 2 session proposals for the areas listed below:

  • Torah, Text and Tradition
  • Schooling/Administration
  • Creative and Cultural Arts
  • Teaching Techniques and Curriculum Development
  • Technology and its Uses
  • Tikkun HaOlam
  • Judaism/Spirituality/Moral Development
  • History and/or Israel
Be sure to indicate the age group and setting( day school, afternoon school, camp etc.) that your session is geared toward.